If you are coming to Corfu for the first time, don’t miss this trip!

A full day bus tour on the island when we will explore the island of Corfu as part of a bus tour, in a different way than before – of course with a guide in Hungarian!

We visit Corfu’s finest and most award-winning olive press, where we can learn about the production process, then look around the museum and see how the olive oil was made centuries ago. Tasting and a surprise are waiting for you! After that, we take our way to the deservedly famous airport dam, through which we can also walk and see the planes flying about 2 m above our heads, as well as the small water-floating monastery of Corfu, the Vlacherna Monastery. We will continue our trip in Palaiokastritsa with free time, during which you can visit the monastery at the top of the hill, go motor boating in the caves, have lunch or swim in the crystal clear sea. Then we see the most beautiful view of Europe from one of the prettiest points on the island, the Bella Vista lookout. Our program ends in Achillion, i.e. Princess Sissy’s palace, where we can admire the princess’s clothes, jewelery, utensils and a garden full of unique plants.

The price of the trip is 40 EU / person + 7 EU entrance to Achillion (for children up to 14 is 2EU), half price for children up to 12 years old.

For guests staying at the North of Corfu the participation at the tour is prior to a minimum number of participants.


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