Our boat starts from Corfu town and heading north.

We can see from the boat the Old City of Corfu, Vidos Island, and further some nice villages like Dassia, Barbati, Nissaki. Our first stop is The Blue Cave of Saint Arsenios. A member of the crew will lead swimmers into the cave as the entrance is not visible from the boat. Next stop is the wonderful Limnopoula Beach.

This is our main stop for swimming and photos and the beach BBQ. Traditional greek food served, this stop is for 2 hours.

We start to return journey with greek dancing and fresh fruit onboard.

Onboard we have a bar serving refreshments, cocktails, beers and snacks all day. This tour is english guided.

The price of the trip is 40 EU/ person, children up to 12 is half price. / Up to 5 guests


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